Building Regulation Changes

The Building Regulations part L 2011 document (Conservation of Fuel and Energy) requires new dwellings to be 60% more energy efficient compared to the 2005 Regulations. By 2014, efficiency levels will be further improved in response to Ireland's 2020 targets with regards to the European Performance of Building's Directive (EPBD). The following link explains the changes in more detail; Recent changes to Part L Building Regulations.  

The Government are currently strengthening the Building Control system to ensure that all buildings comply with Building Regulations. The new Building Control Regulations Code of Practice will be introduced at the beginning March 2014. Building Control Certifiers must then be appointed by the homeowner/builder at commencement stage. They will be responsible for inspecting and certifying the building during and after construction.   


Building Control will not issue a certificate of completion if the building fails to comply to the current Building Regulations. Homeowners/Builders can not occupy or take ownership, if Building Control refuse to add their building to the National Register. It is solely the responsibility of the homeowner / builder that the completed building complys with the building regulations.